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About us

                                                                                              Unified Investment & Holdings (UIH) Pte Ltd is a trading and Investment firm.

                                                                                            Management consultant, educator, and author Peter Drucker once mentioned

                                                                      “The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity.

                                                                                              Here at Unified we believe that success is characterized by three behaviors,

                                                         the ability to identify opportunity, the courage capture it swiftly and the will to work hard at it till it works.

                                                     Unified have identified key industries to penetrate and set up UIH International (Taiwan) Co. ltd in Taiwan and

                                                                       UIH International (Thailand) Co. ltd in Thailand. With growing concerns over the personal image,

                                                 UIH penetrated the beauty industry and set up Beautesense ( an online beauty product

                                                                            destination for women to find top tiered beauty products to help them look and feel great.

                                             Unified has another business unit which distribute snacks and juices imported from Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Japan

                                                                and in the process to import more products from other countries as well. Unified has a wide range of

                                                                               snacks and juices which are for vegetarians and there are HALAL certified products too.
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