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Diamond Grains was founded in 2012 by husband and wife,

                             Chanisara Wongdeeprasith (born in 1992) and Wutthikarn

                     Wongdeeprasith (born in 1989) who back then were studying at

                     the undergraduate level and had a dream to start their own food

                      business together as it has always been their passion and their

                           favorite activity is to find new places with good food to eat


                            With a study on behaviors of consumers who embrace the

                       clean-eating trend, they modified everything from the product

                       packaging to communications channels by observing what the

                          consumers needed and developing their idea and innovation

                            into the new version of Diamond Grains that we see today.

                      DIAMOND GRAINS NOW

                          Number 1 in sales in Thailand in adult breakfast cereals category

                          Number 1 in market share in Thailand in adult breakfast cereals category

                          Number 1 of total Thailand and each distribution category:

                          super/hypermarket, convenience store and traditional trade

                          With 49% market share in adult breakfast cereals market

                          And 91% market share in traditional trade

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