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Orn-ing’s product is the 100% Natural Golden Nam-Dok-Mai

             Frozen Mango Ice Cream with no flavor or artificial colour added.

                    Our expertise and researcher work closely with the team in every process from examine,

                      soil quality check, control soil humidity etc. We use natural process to control bugs and

                    weeds, well taking care the plant for the best result. Harvest the fruits at the ripest time

                                                               to get the best quality, texture, taste and aroma .

                   We have been putting all the afford in every process for our customers to get the highest

                     quality product. Our product will make you feel like you are having a fruit fresh from farm

                    because of the innovation of the freezing technology that well preserve the freshness of

                  the mango. Moreover, with our experienced staffs,  you can be sure that our products were

                                                                      made under high standard, clean and safe.

                    Not only a good taste you will get but we care about your happiness and wellness as well.                                                                                                                                    65g

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