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Quality always comes first.
                                                                                                                  Manora Food Industry Co., Ltd. has employed a system of Total Quality Management (TQM)

                               to inspect every stages of the production process from selecting material to finishing ends. The concept of Hygiene which we are

                                        using, can guarantee the production effectiveness and efficiency as well. The use of high nutrition value-natural and herbal

                                                                   ingredients such as pepper, garlic and etc. is our brands strength and it differentiates us from others.

                                Manora Food Industry Co., Ltd. continuously develop and produce the product that meet markets requirement, we highly attempt

                                   to maximize customers satisfaction at the same time. And we do concern about environment and are committed to be a green

                                                                                  company. Moreover, we intend to protect the environment for future generations as well.

                                                                          Since the very first days, we have committed to serve all customers with honesty and reliability.

                                         The credibility earned in both domestic and overseas markets has contributed the growth and expansion to the company.

                                                                              Manora products have been known to the local and overseas markets for more than 42 years.

                                                                     We set up the first plant in Songkhla in 1965 before expanding the second plant in Bangkok in 1976.

                                 The third and the most modernize snack plant was established with Thai Baht 200 million inside Samutsakorn Industrial Estate in

                                                                                                                                                                          Samutsakorn in 1996.

                                                               We have been accredited as one of the leading and high international standard manufacturers in Thailand

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