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“Doi Kham,” Agriculture for the Community, Products for the Thai People.

                             Doi Kham Food Products Co. Ltd. was founded under His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Royal Project in

                            1969. It was His Majesty the King’s vision to enhance the quality of life of Thai people, due to the widespread

                                   of poverty and opium plantation along the hills in the Northern part of Thailand. To promote the safety of

                             national security and natural resources, H.M. the King initiated “Project for Hills Tribe,” to educate and inform

                                     people about the effects of opium plantation, shifting cultivation and alternatives to these agricultural

                                plantation. Farmers were encouraged to plant winter crops that are suitable and sustainable for each area

                                                                                                                         such as peaches, lychees, apples and tomatoes.

                                        Each Royal Factory has been developed in accordance with the social lifestyle of people living in each

                                          location.  All factories operate under the motto “Royal Factory for the People,” in purpose to support

                                                                                    agricultures, communities, and environment to sustain better life quality.

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